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Forward: W/UP Back: S/DOWN Left turn: A/LEFT Right turn: D/RIGHT Brake: SPACE

About the Game

What is it? Four colours, four scenes, four cars. It's a game, it's an art. Every minute and every second of a game makes you feel perfect. It's probably the most wonderful game in the world. We use the Advanced Bionics artificial intelligence system, each a beautiful world famous music is played by it, the musical notes into the ears, the most beautiful sense of rhythm. According to the principle of classical mechanics, we have compiled a powerful mechanical system that perfectly simulates the real driving experience of a racing car. It's a relaxed but challenging game. We set up four levels of achievement: A, B, C, D, and you can compare with the Global players based on what you've achieved, which is very interesting. The circuit of the game is infinitely long. It's like a racing Parkour game. Be careful, careful, and careful. We have a store system, and you need to drive carefully to get more money, buy more powerful cars, and get higher grades. Immersed in the sea of this game, it can stimulate your infinite potential, and your heart resonates. Now, here it comes, and it is the future.